OSHA 1926 Proposal

Points to remember;
-This is a law not a standard
-OSHA is quoting each NPFA standard without omissions, for example 1021 (officer qualifications) lieutenant is FO1, captain is FO1 and 2, chief is FO3. Lets hope our AHJ powers still exist
-So whatever is in those NPFA standards on pages 3 and 4, its going into the law.
-All structural firefighters must be FF1, FF2, and RIT certified, no grandfather rules.
-Pre incident plans, risk assessments for all potential responses law says must include input from responders. So a vendor doing them is not enough.
-NYS DOL PESH has never deviated from OSHA law lets see what they
do with this??

DHS New Training Stipend

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